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wes-app-mock2View a video of the app in action here.

Safety Initiatives:

Staff Contacts – all staff contacts are contained within the app along with their emergency details – eg. allergies or existing medical conditions. Such information may alter the first aid administered on site, provides valuable information to emergency services staff and allows for quick contact to next of kin.

Hazard Reporting – A simple form based section of the app which enables quick and easy reporting of hazards. We recognise the importance of timely reporting of hazards as well as making it easy for ground crews to undertake this task. Hazard reports are immediately sent to dedicated inbox ‘’ for noting, action, escalation, or other in intervention as appropriate.

Easy access to safety documents – All Safety Data Sheets, Plant Risk Assessments and Safe Work Method Statements are readily available to all staff. The most important aspect of these documents being available on the app is the ease of version control with assurance that all site documents are the most up to date available.

Emergency Locations – quickly locate the nearest medical clinic or hospital to the work site.

Notifications via geo location – Head office has the ability to set geo fences to send important information to grounds crew. An example of this could be a ‘high wind alert – turn back’ message sent to crews as they approach catchment areas or ‘high rainfall, flood risk’ sent to crews working on a river bank. This function has many benefits on top of the safety aspects with possibilities to identify areas of cultural significance or high environmental value sending messages such as ‘you have entered an exclusion area – cease work and call your supervisor immediately’.

Audits - The audit function will enable easy and consistent auditing of our sites. The app will prepare a report in PDF format which can be forwarded to our clients immediately providing valuable feedback of what is occurring on site.

Business Improvement Initiatives

Cost tracking – centralised cache for storage of all receipts

Client Contacts – ensuring everyone has access to contact details of required staff.

Removal of paperwork – ease of completion, less risk of losing information, central cloud based storage.

Latest News – Keeping everyone up to date with important or interesting information from our industry


The app is in its infancy with a July 2016 launch to staff. We will monitor its use and effectiveness over the coming months and encourage crews to submit their ideas on how it can be improved. We also welcome comments from our clients as to how we can best use its features to compliment or improve their project requirements.

View a video of the app in action here.


Latest News

Latest News

August 8, 2016

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January 1, 2011

To the WES Crew

Roberta & I would like to pass-on our thanks for the works done this year. Also, we were again very happy with the work done by Phil Menzies (Thiess) and the WES work crew of Mick, Grant and Liam (Barney)

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